Finally, a 64-bit Visual Studio
April 20, 2021 in news

I was pleasantly surprised to read the announcement on the .NET blog that Visual Studio 2022 will be 64-bit.

The next major release of Visual Studio will be faster, more approachable, and more lightweight, designed for both learners and those building industrial scale solutions. For the first time ever, Visual Studio will be 64-bit. The user experience will feel cleaner, intelligent, and action oriented.

Not only that, it’s going to focus on a remote collaboration tool. As I am currently working from India for a Canadian company, I am looking forward to it.

Development teams have become more geographically dispersed than ever. It’s become apparent over the last year that organizations need their development teams to collaborate securely, deliver solutions more quickly, and continuously improve their end-user satisfaction and value. We’re making it easier to collaborate with better GitHub integration making it seamless to go from idea to code to the cloud.

In case you are wondering why it had to be a 32-bit application for all these years, Rico Moriani has a fun, rambling blog post on MSDN. Microsoft has probably deleted it, or it may have been lost in the mist of time, but I found an archived version.