August 15, 2018
Gerald Weinberg is one of the programmers who has influenced so much of my thinking as a programmer. He passed away on August 7, 2018, at the age of 84. He had simple, but very profound, Zen-like insights on everything related to software development, programming, and many other disciplines. He has left the software industry with a better understanding of what it means to be a programmer.
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Gerald Weinberg was a prolific author. He wrote over 100 books, and over thousands of articles and blog posts. I have been a regular reader of his blog, “secrets of consulting” for a long time. It’s treasure trove of fundamental principles of Computer Science, software development and programming. Here are some of the books I have read/reading, and have influenced the way I think, and program.

An Introduction to General Systems Thinking
This was the first book of his that I read. It is a great primer on the systems theory, with applications in software development and programming.

The Psychology of Computer Programming
No matter how much technology advances, software is still written by humans. This book has some of his most insightful ideas on the human side of software. This book explains in the great detail, how human psychology affects the programmers, and ultimately the programs being written. This book was written in 1971, and I was blown away by how much of it still applies to software developers and managers alike.
I bought this book on August 6th, a day before he passed away. Have finished reading a couple of chapters of this book. As the name suggests, it is all about errors in software development. What are errors, what causes errors, how to handle errors, and much more.
I plan to read more of his books this year, especially “The Secrets of Consulting”, and “Are Your Lights On?”. Even though he is not among us anymore, Gerald Weinberg will be always there for software developers through his books and articles.