How to Setup an Aurelia + TypeScript Single Page App on ASP.NET
April 8, 2021

This article is for .NET developers who want to build a responsive and fast single-page application using the Aurelia framework. It explains how to set up a simple ASP.NET MVC project, add support for an Aurelia app, and use Webpack to watch, compile and bundle the TypeScript files into a single JavaScript file.

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Top Level Statements
April 6, 2021 in c-sharp

C# 9.0 introduced top-level statements that allow you to skip all the boilerplate code and get to the point quickly. No need to declare a namespace, class, or even a Main() method. Just open your editor and start writing beautiful C# code.

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Reading Programs
March 11, 2021 in development, thoughts

Programming is similar to writing in so many ways. One way to learn writing is to write, but one also learns to write by reading. We read examples—both good and bad—to facilitate learning. But how many programmers learn to write programs by reading programs?

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Bugs = Mistakes
March 8, 2021 in thoughts, programming

Ever since Ad. Grace Murray Hopper found the first computer bug in the Mark ll computer’s logbook; programmers referred to any abnormal software behaviour as a bug.

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Rethinking Agile
March 6, 2021 in cityview, thoughts

Agile is the most common software development methodology used when building software. Ideally, it means that you don’t do any big, upfront design. Instead, you work in sprints and evolve your design as your understanding of the project grows. Design is part of the programming.

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ASP.NET Project File
March 5, 2021 in aspnet-core, programming

The project file is one of the most important files in an ASP.NET Core application. It tells .NET how to build the project. All .NET projects list their dependencies in the .csproj file. If you have worked with JavaScript before, think of it like a package.json file. The difference is, instead of a JSON, this is an XML file.

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The MVC Pattern, Explained
March 4, 2021 in c-sharp, aspnet

Now that you have an ASP.NET application up and running, the next step is to understand the MVC pattern, which stands for Model-View-Controller, and forms the core of the ASP.NET MVC framework.

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Getting Started with ASP.NET Core
March 2, 2021 in c-sharp, aspnet

In this article, we will look at how to get started with your first ASP.NET Core application. We will install the .NET framework, then use one of the generators to quickly get our application up and running in the browser. The whole process shouldn’t take more than ten minutes.

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