The MVC Pattern, Explained
March 4, 2021 in c-sharp, aspnet

Now that you have an ASP.NET application up and running, the next step is to understand the MVC pattern, which stands for Model-View-Controller, and forms the core of the ASP.NET MVC framework.

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Getting Started with ASP.NET Core
March 2, 2021 in c-sharp, aspnet

In this article, we will look at how to get started with your first ASP.NET Core application. We will install the .NET framework, then use one of the generators to quickly get our application up and running in the browser. The whole process shouldn’t take more than ten minutes.

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ASP.NET Interview Questions
March 2, 2021

Here is a list of questions on ASP.NET that you might get asked in an interview. I originally wrote this 5000-word article for InterviewBit. Hope it helps for your next interview.

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How Base64 Encoding Works
February 27, 2021 in random

When programming, it’s easy to get by with a superficial understanding of many things. You can easily fool yourself by thinking that you are programming when you are blindly copy+pasting Stack Overflow answers.

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Functions as Objects
February 8, 2021 in javascript

In JavaScript, functions are objects. We can not only call them, but pass them to other functions and also receive them from other functions. We can also instantiate new functions by using the new syntax.

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Managing Complexity
January 22, 2021 in development

Software development is difficult. Especially if you are working on a 25-year old enterprise software that has gone through multiple platforms, technologies, and has seen multiple generations of developers. All of which makes it really hard to understand and difficult to develop.

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