Ruby Standard Library: CSV
July 21, 2021 in ruby

Here are my notes from the standard library documentation for the CSV module. I took the notes while simultaneously reading the docs and programming, so they aren’t formatted very well, but they capture the essence of working with CSV data in Ruby.

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Generating Rails Migrations
July 20, 2021 in rails

Like source code, database schema changes and evolves over time. Migrations are a feature of Active Record that allows you to manage the database schema changes gracefully, without writing any SQL. This post contains my notes on generating Active Record migrations from the official Rails guides.

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Rails Controllers
July 18, 2021 in rails

I took the lazy Sunday evening to catch up on my reading of the official Rails guides on Action Controller. I paired that with chapter 4 of Obie Fernandez’s The Rails 5 Way, which is all about working with Rails controllers. This post tries to summarize the essentials, providing a brief overview of Rails controllers.

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CRUD: Resources in Rails
July 17, 2021 in rails

It seems to me that Rails loves CRUD. CRUD stands for create read update and delete, a set of actions you can perform in an application that maps to the database operations. Things get very simple when you stick to conventions that Rails enforces upon you.

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My First App in Rails
July 16, 2021 in ruby, rails

Since the day I started learning Ruby last month, I’ve wanted to build a real web application in Rails that does something useful. Finally, I took the last weekend to build the first prototype of Manager, an application that helps me track my finances and time. I have big ambitions for it, but for now, this is what I have.

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