Classification of Investments
January 28, 2021 in news

Prof. Damodaran, who is my favorite finance writers, wrote a post on the classification of investments into assets, commodities, currencies and collectibles. Here’s a brief summary.

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Managing Complexity
January 22, 2021 in programming

Software development is difficult. Especially if you are working on a 25-year old enterprise software that has gone through multiple platforms, technologies, and has seen multiple generations of developers. All of which makes it really hard to understand and difficult to develop.

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Self-Driving Cars
January 5, 2021 in news

Gone is the optimism of just a couple of years ago. All that remains is the delusion of grandeur.

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The Fieldstone Method
January 3, 2021

Gerald M. Weinberg is one of my favourite writers when it comes to explaining complicated ideas in simple terms. This book explains his writing process and contains valuable advice for aspiring writers. What’s funny is that all the advice for writers is equally applicable to software developers. Just replace writing with programming.

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Hopes and Dreams
December 28, 2020

There was a young man who, in his youth, expressed a desire to become a great writer. When asked to define “great,” he said,

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