Self-Driving Cars

January 5, 2021

Gone is the optimism of just a couple of years ago. All that remains is the delusion of grandeur.

Here’s what Waymo boss John Krafcik had to say on the current state of self-driving cars in a recent Financial Times interview.[1]

“When we thought, in 2015, that we would have a broadly available service by 2020, it wasn’t a crazy thought,” he said. The thinking was: “Well, if we’ve got one prototype, then we can get to mass production in just a couple of years, right?

“This was a position of — I wouldn’t say ignorance — but a lack of information and a lack of experience . . . We’ve become very humble over these last five years.”

Uber spent close to a billion dollars to try to build their own driverless cars. Its goal was to have 10,000 self-driving cars on the road by 2020.

They abandoned their project last month, giving its entire driverless division to Aurora. [2]


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