August 21, 2014   • canada

I leave for Canada tomorrow. It’s exciting. The year has gone by so fast. It feels like yesterday when I quit my job. So much has happened since then. Here’s a summary of my year so far.

In December of last year, after preparing for two months, I gave IELTS. It is the international standard test of English proficiency. I got an overall 8.0 band, out of total 9.0. Preparing for IELTS was quite an experience, since I didn’t learn English in school, except preliminary grammar, and had never really communicated in English. Overall, it was a great experience, and I can speak and write much better English, compared to earlier days, which was basically none.

At the start of the year, I started applying to all major universities in Canada. Got admits from a few universities, and decided to go with the University of Victoria, as they have a really good computer science program. I have always wanted to go to British Columbia, and Victoria is a beautiful city. Turns out that it’s the warmest city in Canada. That’s a plus.

The next few months were spent in completing all the formalities, such as sending the documents to the university, getting a medical exam, paying fees, searching for houses, applying for an education loan, etc. Since I got the education loan from my dad’s bank, it was quite straightforward. I am surprised how cheaper education is in Canada, compared to the States. My cousin paid almost $30,000 for a year at Rochester, whereas I am only paying $7000 at UVic.

Once I had the admit from the university, I applied for a visa and a study permit, which was approved on June 2nd. Finally, I booked my tickets to Victoria for August 22, 2014, which brings us to today. I have finished packing my bags and look forward to starting a new life in Canada.