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striving to write software, well

My name is Akshay, and I am a software developer based in Victoria, British Columbia. I’ve been programming for the past decade, striving to write quality software that solves real problems to deliver value to the users. I have more than five years of professional experience as a full-stack web application developer.

I have worked on all layers of the web stack, including the back-end, front-end, and database. For a long time, I was a .NET developer, programming in C#, .NET, Windows, and Azure. However, in early 2021, I started learning Ruby and Rails for one of my side-projects.

After working with C# and .NET for the past six years, Ruby was a breath of fresh air. Within a week, I was in love with this beautiful programming language and the opinionated web framework. After immersing myself in Ruby and Rails for a few months, I made a big decision to switch from being an enterprise C#/.NET programmer to a Ruby and Rails web developer.

In my professional life as a programmer, I am married to Ruby. However, in my personal life, I am married to Pratiksha, who works in finance and likes to draw.

As a software developer, my primary goal is to build useful software that solves problems and provides value to the users, and I approach all my projects with the same mindset. I am very passionate about software development, always looking forward to learning new skills to become a better software developer.

For more information, please download my resume. If you think I can add value to your team or organization, please drop me an email. I look forward to talking to you.

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