My name is Akshay, and I am a software developer based in Victoria, British Columbia. I’ve been programming for the past decade, striving to write quality software that solves real problems. I have more than four years of professional experience as a full-stack .NET developer.

I have worked on all layers of the stack, including the database, back-end, and front-end. Most of my professional experience has been in the Windows and Azure ecosystem, with a few side projects on Linux. I am proficient in C# and TypeScript, as I used them daily at my previous companies. On the framework side, I am competent in .NET and Node ecosystems. I also have some DevOps experience with Docker.

A few months ago (March 2021), I started learning and experimenting with Ruby for one of my side-projects. After working with C# and .NET for the past six years, it was a breath of fresh air. Within a week, I was in love with this beautiful programming language. After a few months of working in Ruby (and Rails), I made a big decision to switch from being an enterprise C#/.Net developer to a Ruby and Rails programmer.

As a software developer, my primary goal is to build useful software that solves problems and provides value to the users, and I approach all my projects with the same mindset. I am very passionate about software development and am always looking forward to learning new skills and becoming a better software developer.

For more information, please download my resume below. If you think I can add value to your team or organization, please drop me an email. I look forward to talking to you.

Thanks for stopping by.

Akshay Khot


I worked with Akshay for over 5 years, initially at Econics and was very pleased to be able to recruit him to CityView. He is always highly motivated, enthusiastic and a quick learner. He is not only constantly improving his software development skills but also takes a keen interest in understanding the domain of any problem.

We relied on him as the lead developer for several new, innovative, complex features – with great success. He has excellent communication skills whether it is with a technical team or clients and end users. He brings great value to any development team. I would definitely enjoy working with Akshay again.

- Steve Graham, Chief Technical Architect, CityView

Akshay is highly motivated and takes great interest in the Software Development process. He is constantly upgrading his knowledge and skills, and always strives to produce the best design.

He makes a great effort to understand the problem he is tasked to solve and any existing code base he needs to work with. I enjoyed working with him very much.

- Tom Hart, R&D Manager and Team Lead, CityView

During Akshay’s time with us he brought significant value. Akshay was a hard worker who used innovative approaches to solving software development challenges. He was also cheerful and enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with.

- Sean Higgins, Executive Vice President, CityView

Akshay Khot is a very capable, creative and hard working software developer. He’s technically adept but he also sees things from the end user perspective.

During his tenure with my company, CityView, his creativity and hard work resulted in some added game changing functionality in our software. He was also thorough, polite and amicable in conversations with clients and end users.

I highly recommend Akshay and would go as far to say that it would be a mistake not to hire him.

- Mark Atkinson, Director of R&D, CityView

Akshay was a great team member during his time at AE.

He was quickly able to get up to speed and contribute to the overall project by leading development on a Drupal module for our service. He has a good attention to detail and was able to move ahead at a good pace.

While working on the module he was also able to pitch in and help other team members by testing and identifying bugs for a new platform release.

He communicated and contributed well across our internal ticketing system, on Slack and during our team breakfasts.

I’m happy to recommend Akshay as a great addition to any development team.

- Jeff Mitchell, Co-founder and CTO, Appreciation Engine

I worked with Akshay at the Appreciation Engine between September 2017 and December 2017. We worked remotely: Akshay from Canada and me from New Zealand.

I found Akshay to be a great communicator - we had to communicate remotely on a daily basis to discuss work and programming questions. He was a very fast with excellent programming skills, He was able to pick up PHP quickly and was also quick to pick up the Drupal framework.

He was always keen to learn and asked great questions about the code, always making good suggestions and showing an excellent understanding of the coding principles. He was a great fit for our team.

It is a shame to see him go but I am certain he will be an excellent asset to all future endeavours.

- Mike Penhall, Senior Developer, Appreciation Engine