The Unix Story
May 25, 2021

The following is an excerpt from the book UNIX: A History and a Memoir by Brian Kernighan, which I am reading now. It details the fascinating history of how the Unix operating system was created.

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Components of SSRS
May 14, 2021 in ssrs

SSRS has an architecture similar to a web application, consisting of a web server that serves responses to the clients who connect to it. Here are all the components that make up SQL Server Reporting System.

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Generics in C#
May 4, 2021 in c-sharp

Generics were added in version 2.0 of C# and are among the most important concepts in the language. They enable you to write reusable, high-performance code that is type-safe at compile time. Using generics, you can use a type in your code without knowing about it beforehand. This article provides an introduction to generics.

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Null Operators in C#
May 3, 2021

In C#, the null keyword is a literal that represents a null reference; a reference does not point to any object. When you declare a reference type variable, the compiler sets null as the variable’s default value unless you initialize it first. This article explores the three operators C# provides to deal with the null values.

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Parameter Passing in C#
May 2, 2021 in c-sharp

This article is a deep dive into parameter passing in C#. It shows how we always pass the variables by value. It also explains the ref, out, and in parameter modifiers which give us control over parameter passing.

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Fundamental Abstractions in Computing
April 26, 2021 in cs

This is a brief summary of the second chapter of Principles of Computer System Design. It explores the fundamental abstractions in computing that form the basis of almost everything in hardware and software.

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From Information to Insights
April 24, 2021 in development

Any software project begins with incomplete knowledge and information. It is fragmented and scattered among many people and documents. The scope of this knowledge can be daunting, especially for enterprise applications. How do you distill this knowledge to gain insights that will help build great software?

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